Special offer 10 x 8 garden office - with additional window

A favourite for those looking for a garden office - this garden studio is especially light with an additional double glazed window.

  • £10,300 + VAT
  • Ready to install (within 2 weeks)
  • 10'2" (3.1m) wide x 8'10" (2.7m) deep footprint (not including the roof overhang)
Special offer 10 x 8 - with additional window

Similarly to our first garden office special offer, this garden room is fully insulated, plastered and painted ready for use. 

As you can see in the image below, this garden building has an additional double-glazed window. This makes this building particularly suitable for home working or as a workshop as natural sunlight is maximised.

All our buildings now come with uPVC windows and doors as standard, in a colour choice of deep charcoal grey, black, timber effect or white (if white, deduct £200 from the price shown below).

As with all of our garden buildings, full installation (including double glazing) by our team is included in the price. The only cost not included is hooking up the electrical supply from the house to the extra room. However, we always supply an appropriate consumer unit to give the electrician who connects it. (We are very happy to supply an electrician if required – on average the cost for connection is an additional £300-£400.)


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