Garden office with a twist 2.4m x 4.26m (in stock)

Sometimes people want a special customised garden room and because we like the design so much, we build another one to keep in stock. .

  • £12,400 + VAT - VERY SPECIAL OFFER
  • For fast delivery
  • 2.4m x 4.26m (14' x 8')
Garden office with a twist - Special Offer

This is just such a design and is one of our special offer buildigs, 8ft by 14ft with secret storage area.

Special Offer


For this design customisation the original customer wanted the left hand wall to have extra windows so we built them in an extra wall.

Here is original the building on site, completed in one day. This is only possible because we build it twice, once in the factory then on site as 're-assembly' process. Everything fits perfectly, since it has all been together once before. It means we provide the fastest installations in the UK with the least disruption to our customers.


Here's what our happy customer said on completion:

Hi David,

Just wanted to say what a professional and nice lot of guys your team who installed the building are.

Thoroughly impressed with their workmanship and attitude. 

The building looks wonderful and I'm extremely pleased. 

It's been a pleasure working with your company from start to finish!

Kind regards


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