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Garden pods

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Minimum starter price:
£21,300 + VAT (for up to 10 sq. m)

including delivery, full installation and piled foundation

Our beautiful garden pods are a special concept from Extrarooms. As with all our garden office buildings, we can provide all the necessary bespoke features for any special requirements you may have.

Garden pod specifications

  • Hyper-insulated throughout, with up to 1ft (300mm) of dense insulation, sandwiched between two double layers of reflective insulation.
  • Copious amounts of warm white low energy flush L.E.D lighting with as many power sockets as required.
  • Skylight is double glazed and secondary glazed for extra warmth and heat retention. Made of warm virtually indestructible polycarbonate sheeting made into both double glazed units at ceiling height and a further secondary glazed unit with up to a foot of trapped air insulation to give the highest insulated skylight available.
  • All walls are properly plastered and painted any colour of your choice.
  • Lightly varnished oak laminate floor as default, but customer can vary floor covering choice as with any finishes in the building, inside and out. (Engineered oak comes @£90 sq metre extra)
  • Tanalised feather edged board cladding for the main building and rear wall, cedar clad to front gable with extended cedar lined overhang to front entrance, oiled with sunblocking oil to retain the rich tones of the cedar and inhibit bleaching, (unless customer preference is for it to be allowed to bleach).

Example prices for our garden pods

Due to the skill and crafstmanship of tightly bending and shaping the timbers of all sizes of pods there is a minimum price for a Garden Pod: 

First 10 sq metres £21,300 plus vat, each subsequent sq metre £1,540 plus vat.

Some typical prices are shown below e.g. 5m by 3m, 15 sq.m = £21,300 plus vat for the first 10sq.m plus 5 x £1,540 = £7,700. Hence a total £29,000 plus vat.

Size (metres) Garden Pod Prices
3m x 2.5m (7.5 sq.m) From £21,300
5m x 3m (15 sq.m) From £29,000
5m x 5m (25 sq.m) From £44,400

Garden pods cost £2,130/sq metre plus VAT based on floor area for the first 10 sq metres, each subsequent sq metre £1,540 plus VAT. This includes installation, piled foundation supplied by us. The building is ready to use as we leave site.

Important point for space consideration for anyone ordering a pod.
Whilst all our rectangular buildings are priced according to their foot print, the pods, with their standard 2ft or 60cm front overhangs and smaller rear overhangs, and the extra width of the side walls including curved shapes making the side walls around 250mm thick, (this can vary according to the plot) the prices of the pods are taken from just the internal floor area alone and is something to be borne in mind when working out the available space. The actual external dimensions of the pods is on average 750mm deeper and 500mm wider than the internal floor area.

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