Garden room case studies

Extrarooms have build many different style garden rooms for offices, studios, pod, therapy rooms.

Have a look at some of the projects we have done recently below, including this 360° video:

(just click on the image and drag to see this amazing project in 360°)

This video was made by one or our customers Sasha Snow - who also happens to be a filmmaker. He thought it might be useful to see a case-study in 360° to get the full impact a garden room or studio can make. We love what he's done - he loved the building we made... 

Years of service
Years of service

Recently a customer took the trouble to thank us for the usefulness and versatilty of a building we built and installed 8 years ago! Thank you Justine.

Client testimonial

Worth all the hard work in Wirksworth

Another great effort from the team delivering what the customer was hoping for...

Client testimonial

Another happy customer
Another happy Extra Rooms customer

"I have sent you a document with some photos to peruse as it shows what the garden/room looks like after all the hard work. Thanks to the Extra Rooms Team" - Bernie

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Man cave! Woman cave!
Man cave! - Woman cave!

Man or woman - how could you not want your own personal 'cave'?

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Built to specification
Exact Specification required

Another great garden room - enhancing the garden - and built to exactly the specification wanted.

Triangular garden office
Bespoke triangular office designs and odd-shaped garden studios

Odd shaped garden offices and studios are an interesting challenge - here's an example of a unique office studio designed for an awkward shaped piece of land near Horsham.

Hobby room
Garden hobby room

Example of a start to finish gallery of a garden hobby room.

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Office in Maidstone

An example of a timber garden office installed with a piled foundation and insulated cassette floor. We build all of our timber garden buildings this way as the cassette floors provide better ventilation and stability at a cheaper price.

Sliding doors
Garden office with sliding doors

Example of one of our larger garden rooms

Garden workshop
Garden workshop

Example of an Extraroom building used as a practical garden workshop and studio for an engineering consultant.

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Garden therapy room
Garden therapy room

Illustration of a fully plumbed garden room

Small offices
Small offices

Small garden offices fully completely ready for delivery into your garden

Garden shed design in shepperton

Example of a contemporary garden shed.

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Southampton therapy room
Therapy garden room in Southampton

Example of a dual colour therapy room

Garden building strength
How strong are our buildings

A case study exemplifying how sturdy all of our garden buildings are

Superb Garden Office
Superb Garden Office

A very short but sweet case study for you

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special offers
Special offers

Building we have in stock and ready to go.

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