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Garden gyms

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A private exercise space in your own garden room.

Our garden buildings are an ideal solution for garden gyms. We provide all the necessary bespoke features for any requirements you may have. A unique space to suit your personal exercise needs, just a few feet from your house.

SLIM GYMS™ from Extra Rooms

The technical team at Extra Rooms have developed a new and exciting concept for those who want their own gym but at the same time still have the flexibility of using the space for other activities, without the inconvenience of removing heavy gym equipment...


Slim Gyms™

Slim Gyms™ are more capable than most existing space hungry, room-filling multi-gyms, taking up very little room space (or virtually “none” if installed wall-recessed) and costing much less than equipping your own gym.

Take a look at this video to see just how little space a fully equipped gym takes up.

A garden gym with strength and durability

Meanwhile, even if you prefer a more conventional approach, all of our garden gyms are made by hand and are made to last. So whether you are installing a SLIM GYM™ or heavy gym equipment such as a cross-trainer, pilates machine, or simply putting down 10 yoga mats so you can teach that 'hot yoga' class, you can rest assured that the building we create can cope with the pressure!

Special offer prices

Our SPECIAL introductory offer is on our popular 2.4m x 4.26m building that includes a separate storage area, actually the only type that we always try to have in stock. Our combined “Light” offer will be £13,495 plus VAT or £15,395 with a full SLIM GYM™

Building Size (metres) Slim Gym Light Full Slim Gym
3m x 2.4m

£9,995+ VAT

(usually £11,600+ VAT)

£12,995+ VAT

(usually £14,000+ VAT)

2.4m x 4.26m

(including store area)

£13,495+ VAT

(usually £15,000+ VAT)

£15,395+ VAT

(usually £17,500+ VAT)

3m x 4m

£13,995+ VAT

(usually £15,600+ VAT)

£15,600+ VAT

(usually £18,000+ VAT)

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