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Specifications - Garden Rooms, Offices, Studios

  Specification As standard 
1 6 double power sockets (minimum) and 6 flush downlights with warm white environmentally friendly LED bulbs in all our buildings as standard, free of charge and only 4.5 watts. Up to 12 of each in larger garden buildings, all as standard. ✔️
2 Our insulation uses high-tech reflective insulation on both sides of all panels, walls roofs and floors. It equals a greater thickness of rockwool than can be fitted inside the panels. Arguably, we are the highest insulators of garden offices, making our buildings some of the greenest and eco friendly on the market. ✔️
3 All walls and ceilings are plastered and fully decorated as standard. We use E.P.D.M firestone rubber membranes on the roofs of all our buildngs. A "fit it and forget it" system with a manufacturer's 20yr guarantee and an expected life span of 50yrs or more. ✔️
4 Sustainably resourced timber. ✔️
5 Fitted, double insulated laminate floors are included as standard or engineered oak upgrade @ £90/sq m. ✔️
6 All cladding timbers pressure treated (except cedar which has it naturally). ✔️
7 All construction done with proper screws (not air-nailers) so the construction is stronger and access to panels for maintenance or to add cabling at a later date can all be done much more easily. ✔️
8 CLS, (Canadian lumber standard) timbers used throughout as framing timber. ✔️
9 Total versatility. We can include a shed section if required, especially useful if we are using the site of a previous shed so they are otherwise losing the facility or a hotch-potch of disparate buildings that would otherwise ensue. ✔️
10 Buildings designed to fit customised shapes - 20% of our buildings fit non-rectangular areas. This avoids wasting valuable garden space with unnecessary triangular voids. Total versatility to suit the garden and customer, in size, shape, finish and design to maximise space. ✔️
11 Cedar cladding fitted with solid brass or stainless steel screws and Osmo sunblocking oil treated, factor 12, if required to all cedar to resist bleaching. ✔️
12 Damp proof base fitted with piles or pads for £8 per sq.ft (£86 per sq.m).  ✔️
13 All soundproofed rooms guaranteed to be effective. 30, 40, 50 or 60 dB depending on requirements, as measured by a dB meter on completion. ✔️
14 Security locks supplied as standard. Insurance approved 5 lever locks on all doors and all opening windows have keyed locks. ✔️
15 Fast installation. Due to offsite fabrication to absolute completion in the factory, all installations are kept to the minimum time. Our teams of skilled tradesmen normally install foundations and complete the entire installation in just one day up to 15 square metres, depending on distance to be travelled. This makes our company one of the fastest and least disruptive. Allow 2-3 days for larger buildings. ✔️
16 Construction progress photos provided during manufacture. This allows clients to monitor progress specification accuracy. ✔️
17 All customers are welcome to come and visit our factory to inspect progress, quality and finish during and after construction. ✔️

We only require a £500 holding deposit until we are about to start construction, so we do not hold on to a large deposit for a long time in advance. All deposits are fully guaranteed until construction has started.

All stage payments are further guaranteed with directors personal guarantees, "jointly and severally" with the company, for complete peace of mind, until arrival at your address.



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