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Construction of our garden offices

Unlike a lot of other garden building and garden office suppliers, we build everything ourselves. In our opinion this is the only way to make sure that your garden building is the very best quality possible and you get the best value for your money.

We have briefly summarised our work process below to give you a little insight into how we construct our garden offices:  

Item Description

Wall construction

Our garden buildings are built very similarly to a timber frame house extension; the walls are double skinned stud walls with insulation between the linings. We add construction grade marine or Birchwood ply to provide the highest strength and best quality wall lining.

Floor deck 

The whole building sits upon the floor deck and it is crucial for two main reasons:

  1. To provide crucial sub-floor ventilation, negating the possibility of any rising damp.
  2. To allow the full height of the walls to be available internally to give a minimum of 7ft of headroom at the lowest point, giving a non-claustrophobic and airy feel to the room.

Once the building has been constructed on the floor deck an attractive insulated laminate floor is then added offering a complete finish.

Insulation, wiring and cladding

The walls are insulated and then the cladding is added and the windows fitted and glazed. The walls are then all wired internally (so nothing is "surface mounted") and all the lighting is built-in. Following this the walls are plastered and the skirtings and architraves are fitted and decorated ready for use.

Ceilings and roof panels

The ceilings and roof panels are pre built by us in our factory. The insulation and wiring are built in and they are plastered and finished off seamlessly on site.

(No automatic nailers or staplers are used during any point of the construction process. We screw everything together ourselves (even the cladding). This makes any potential future maintenance a lot easier and cheaper to deal with.)

Doors and windows

Standard domestic house door and window frames are used as the 5" thick walls are thick enough to take proper building-regulation-approved standard house frames.

All our windows are multi point locking with locking handles and the doors are fitted with laminated or toughened safety glass and have 5 lever multi point locks as standard.


External wall claddings are determined by the customer but normally they are either clad in:

  1. Feather edged boarding which enables the buildings to blend softly into a garden, especially if we stain it to match for you.
  2. Tongued and grooved interlocking log-lap which gives a log cabin effect or shiplap.
  3. PVC cladding can be used for commercial office environments if required but it blends with very little.

For the roof, tanalised and waxed pine shingles are available, Canadian cedar shingle or high quality hot rolled ultra-long life felt claddings are available




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