Image gallery of our garden offices

The following image gallery show a selection of garden offices, studios, sound-proofed music rooms.

You can view a huge range of photos of our buildings on our Picasa gallery by clicking this link - or take a look at some of the specific highlights below:

Buildings with a secret storage space

Interiors from our garden buildings

Pictures taken during an installation so that you can see the progress, step by step

Garden building we recently re-located from Reading to Windsor

Garden buildings we have done in triangular or irregular shapes

Larger garden buildings

Smaller garden buildings

Buildings with strong/bold colours

Pictures of large buildings near the boundary

Our new barrel buildings, pods and 'hobbit' houses

Some stunning garden rooms, garden studios and garden offices

Buildings with beautiful charcoal grey uPVC doors

Our very quiet sound proofed rooms

Buildings with double-pitched roofs

Buildings from the past

If you prefer:

Here is a small selection for easy access - click on the image gallery thumbnails to see more detail.
If you have any suggestions for improvements or think we should add any additional information, please email us and let us know.

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