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We had great results at the Homebuild and Renovation show recently at the NEC Birmingham -over 24,000 visitors and a great response from everyone who saw us.

Soundproofing - Exciting News!

Extra Rooms are pleased to announce our soundproofing technology has gained a patent, allowing us to deliver sound suppression levels we can guarantee in writing and giving us an extra edge against the competition, as leading suppliers of soundproofed garden rooms.

What is the principle behind it?

Hard fixed surfaces tend to reflect sound and soft surfaces tend to absorb sound, our technology uses both of these factors to dampen the sound transmission. 

This has been established and understood in the soundproofing world for many years, but our unique system utilises these principles in a simple way to give better results.

It is not rocket science! Our system simply performs better than anyone else, and enables us to deliver what we promise.

Extra Rooms Soundproofing.

Results you can trust, guaranteed.



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