Garden offices

Extrarooms provides affordable, highly insulated, double glazed, bespoke garden offices, installed for all year use.

Bespoke designs

At Extra Rooms we manufacture all our building ourselves from scratch. As a result you can have any shape, size or configuration you want - it’s all about what suits you and your garden and at no extra cost. See our garden office case studies.

For example: if you want your garden building to be extra-green we can build it with a sedum roof and sheep's wool insulation. Or, if you plan to use your garden room as a gym we can install bespoke wiring and electrical sockets to accommodate gym, audio and visual equipment.

Our clients spend a lot of time in their garden buildings and therefore it’s imperative that our attention to detail and quality of service ensures a great experience for years to come.
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You can see a huge range of garden offices and sound proof garden studios we've created over the years just here

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Extra Rooms isn't your average supplier of garden offices and garden studios!

We construct all of our garden offices and garden pods by hand. Unlike many of our competitors, at Extra Rooms everything is screwed together, not nailed. This shows in the durability and strength of our garden buildings. Click here to see how strong they actually are.

Security and maintenance

All our windows and toughend glass doors are fully double glazed, with uPVC rather than timber frames, so no painting is required. They also offer much improved security, with multi-point locking. All our garden buildings come with insurance approved 5 lever locks. Construction grade timber is used throughout and is from sustainable sources.

Timber-framed and plastered 

Even though our garden buildings are designed to blend effortlessly into the environment they are in, they couldn’t be further away from 'the outdoors' internally - all our garden buildings are plastered and painted for that 'real room' feel' and are finished to the same standard as the rooms inside your house.


All of our garden rooms are fully plastered and have insulated walls that are treble lined, 4-5 inches thick, providing a cavity with extremely high insulation. As well as being very sturdy and well-insulated, this also allows us to use real house windows and doors.

Installation of our garden offices

Nearly all our installations are completed in just one day so we can provide you with your dream garden building with minimum disruption. See our time-lapse video.

How much does a garden office cost?

Costs work out on average at just a little over £100 per sq.ft. for our standard specification, fully insulated and complete ready to use, see our specifications, rising to up to £225 per sq.ft. for our top spec specialist sound proofed music studios, consisting of two buildings sleeved inside each other for maximum soundproofing for drummers etc, but these are a separate category of specialist buildings.

See our price specifier for a pretty accurate quote. Visit us on Google+