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Things to consider when buying a garden building

We know that with so many garden building suppliers around the task of picking one can be a bit daunting!

Consequently we have created a helpful list of questions that we think you should ask your garden building supplier to get the best product:

  • Can you make my garden room the exact size or design that suits my garden, or must I choose from standard sizes only?
  • Can I choose the windows I want?
  • Can I choose where the windows go?
  • Can I put the doors where I like?
  • Do I need a¬†toilet in my office?
  • As many forms of insulation exist, what is the equivalent thickness for your insulation compared with fibreglass?
  • Is the¬†insulation equivalent to 200mm (8 inches)?
  • Is the floor insulated as well as the walls?
  • Is the roof insulated as well as the walls?
  • How many double power sockets and lights will you provide as standard?
  • I want a "real room" feel, not a shed feel, so are your walls properly plastered and painted internally?
  • If we leave you just a cleared area at the bottom of our garden, is that enough or do you require us to provide a slab first or do anything else?
  • How long will the building be guaranteed for?
  • If we move and decide to take it with us, can you relocate it for us?
  • Can you fully install, including foundations, within 1-2 days?
  • When you leave us, will the room be fully ready to use?

The answers to the questions above (as well as the price quoted) will give you most of the information you need to make a fully informed decision regarding who is the most suitable supplier of your garden room.

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