National Home Building and Renovation show special offer

This garden office was displayed at NEC early this year. We sold it several times over, but can now construct one very quickly to order. Available with free foundation and a low cost upvc upgrade to deep charcoal grey or black Upvc frames at +£450 or just +£200 for white. (No painting required). CLICK TO SEE IN-SITU

  • £14,035 + VAT (including a free foundation)
  • Fast construction to order
  • 2.7 x 4.6 metres (134 Sq ft)
National Home Building and Renovation Show Offer

This garden office has cedar matched across the front of the building (our standard practice) which not only helps to hide the secret door but also runs an attractive lines around the building for a harmonious and pleasing effect on the eye.

The Western Red cedar cladding is treated with a special sun-blocking oil, max sun factor 12, to resist fading and maintain its looks.

The left side of this model is clad in vertical cedar and the front in horizontal. However this can be altered to match the final customers preferences.

The storage/shed/workshop area is lit and has power points.

The roof has an extended overhang with soffit lights so that, besides being suitable as a garden office all year round, or an artists studio for instance, it also lends itself for use in summer evenings if entertaining friends outside in the warmer months.

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