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Office in Maidstone

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This office in Maidstone is an example of when we are asked to provide a foundation for a garden studio without a hard standing available. In this case, and any other similar instance, we will install a piled foundation with an insulated cassette floor.

Unlike conventional floors that go between the walls of a structure, an insulated cassette floor is built as a level deck which rests upon piles. As a result the whole building rests upon the deck – or 'cassette' floor.

We always build our timber frame buildings with cassette floors. This is primarily because it enables us to provide a the most stable foundation on even the most uneven ground with no difficulty at all, and at a price which is less than if the customer built a standard slab (fitting it themselves). In addition to the great stability cassette floors provide, they also supply excellent ventilation which is crucial for all timber buildings.

As with all our builds we encourage our customers to employ us fit the foundations. Above all, this is because it’s cheaper and better quality.

If you have a look at the gallery below you will be able to see an image of the Maidstone garden office during installation. The walls arrive as completed panels, fully wired, plastered, painted and glazed. The foot of the walls are screwed to the floor exactly as marked in our workshop, then the walls are aligned at the tops by matching the mitred architraves, this gives an exact alignment for the roof.

In addition you may notice that there is a 4ft overhang to the roof. The customer requested this so the roof would reach over his decking enabling him to sit outside during the summer months and work on his lap-top (which sounded like a great idea to us!)

(We would like to thank the Anne and David (the clients) for providing us with the finished images you can see in the gallery. With so many of our clients living a long way from our workshop, it is a real joy to see our Extrarooms established.)

Garden Office Room Small Case Study Maidstone Outside View 01
Garden Office Room Small Case Study Maidstone Outside Side View 03

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