Garden hobby room

Example of a start to finish gallery of a garden hobby room.

Hobby room

This case study shows the step-by-step construction of a garden hobby room produced for a client in New Malden, Kingston upon Thames.

  1. Initial construction, assembly of panels and staining of frames
  2. First-fix wiring, insulating and plastering
  3. Cladding and staining of the cladding with initial sealing/painting
  4. Nearing completion for inspection
  5. Fitting of skirting and architraves
  6. Glazing and decorating with sub floor and laminate floor completed and lighting and power installed and checked

This whole process is completed in our premises. We then disassemble the garden building, transport it to the client's home and then reassemble. the last image shows the final result of this process; the completed garden hobby room tucked up and ready to enjoy in the client's garden.

The client, for whom this building was built in South London, sent us a testimonial which can be seen below.

Client testimonial

"Extra Rooms gives you far more than its name implies. Dave Fowler takes a genuine interest in your needs, and every care is taken to give you exactly what you want. The value-for-money is unbeatable."

H.K. of New Malden, London