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Extrarooms offer a UK-wide garden office design, build and install service, and are able to offer our garden offices in Stroud garden office.

My Extra Room has made a fantastic difference to my working life - even in these fiscally troubled times it was definitely an investment worth making. It's wonderful to be able to get away from all the distractions of working at home without losing any of the benefits; and having worked in there in all weathers, from February snowfall to summer sunshine, I can tell you that it's just as comfortable as working in the house.

I can't fault your customer service, either - when you say the buildings are bespoke, you really mean that! I very much appreciated the efforts you took to make sure my Extra Room was exactly as I wanted it, even when that entailed venturing into new territory for you; and I can verify that when you say there are no hidden extras, you mean that, too.

The whole process was incredibly quick and straightforward, from initial enquiry to placing the order to construction, delivery and on-site assembly, and you and your team worked extremely hard to make sure it was all done properly and to a high standard. And, of course, it was great to see that your after-sales care is just as reliable and customer-focused as the rest of your service. Thank you.


John Dougherty, Stroud, Gloucestershire | Blog | website

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Large sound-proofed garden offices

Sound-proofed garden offices and music practice rooms Case study

An example of a large sound-proofed music room, with progress photos and specifications.

This case study exhibits the construction of a large music room - just less than a 30 sq. metre footprint - the maximum footprint area allowed without planning permission. Built to the highest soundproof specification. In addition to the comprehensive soundproofing, this garden music room was also built using the highest quality materials - cedar cladding applied to the eaves, a cedar soffit and integral lighting.