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Studio with secret storage area

Studio With Secret Storage Area Case Study 01

Extrarooms were asked to design a stylish 10ft by 15ft (3m by 4.5m) garden studio with a separate storage area.

Given the brief, we were determined to deliver a solution that meant the practicality of the storage area did not interfere or detract from the aesthetics of the studio.

We designed a cedar-clad studio with full front sliding doors and a hidden storage area. 

Crafting the full front-facing sliding doors as the focal feature of the build meant that the storage area naturally became a secondary feature. 

The price for this studio included levelling of the patio base, delivery and full installation.

Studio With Secret Storage Area Case Study 03

Completed at the workshop - ready to be unassembled and delivered.

Studio With Secret Storage Area Case Study 02

Finished in situ - complete with full studio and the excellent storage area

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