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Smaller is not always cheaper, larger is not always more expensive.

Hi Extra-Roomers! Here’s a little story to prove that size is important – but not in the way you might think! Potential customers often enquire about smaller sized garden rooms, expecting that they will cost less. Indeed they do, but only to a certain extent.
Written by David Fowler at 18:23

The Advantages of uPVC Doors for Your Garden Office - Plastic Fantastic!

After making hundreds of garden studios over the past decade, we have finally decided that whilst historically most customers have felt that timber buildings should always have timber doors and windows, circumstances have changed and we are no longer supplying them as default.
Written by David Fowler at 15:48

Drama on the Cliff Edge - A Garden Office Update

Hello Extrarooms bloggers! We’re back again with a garden office update! The big story we’ve got for you today about a recent garden studio installation in Ugborough, Devon! We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a bit of time so please excuse our (potentially unfounded) enthusiasm to report back!
Written by David Fowler at 16:44

“Huge Clanger dropped on sound-proofed studio”

About 10 years ago we had a customer who wanted a soundproofed drum practice room. They asked whether they should have one of our garden offices made to their design, but then have it soundproofed by a specialist soundproofing company, or whether we could build it from scratch to a soundproof specification they would give us.
Written by David Fowler at 14:40

Extra Versatility

Today we'd like to tell you a little story to illustrate our Extra Versatility! A few months back we met a potential customer at our stand at the N.E.C We shook on a deal to buy the show building once the exhibition had finished, but then we didn't hear anything for a couple of months.
Written by David Fowler at 08:09
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