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What’s a garden room when it’s at home anyway?

Studio, art room, sound-proofed music room, gym, granny annex, self-contained accommodation, outdoor dining room, beauty therapy room, guest bedroom, children’s play room, office…the list goes on! For many, the versatility of a garden room is nothing new; however you’d be surprised how many people we speak to still believe that garden buildings are reserved exclusively for storing spades and punctured paddling pools!

It can be argued that the primary reason for this misunderstanding is the blurred boundaries between garden buildings and their close structural cousins; conservatories, sheds and orangeries.

When you think about it like this, it’s very easy to understand how many people can find it difficult to imagine a fully insulated, secure, stylish and electrically fitted garden room in the same context as the damp and drafty wooden shed at the bottom of their garden! Similarly, if thinking about garden rooms and conservatories as counterparts, you can appreciate how easy it may be to translate the common perception that the purchase and installation of a conservatory is a costly and laborious endeavour onto a garden building.

Considering this, it may be helpful to define a garden room by its top 10 UNIQUE benefits:

  • Warm and comfortable in cold weather.
  • Cool in the warm weather.
  • Private and secure.
  • Multi-usage.
  • Simple foundation system.
  • Rapid build time.
  • Modern appearance.
  • Low heating costs.
  • Adaptable design to surroundings.
  • Low maintenance.

If you would like to discuss garden rooms in more detail or the types of garden rooms we have designed and installed then please send us an email or give us a ring on 01159 899 555 in the day and 01949 813 813 in the evening! Alternatively check out our garden room case studies page.

Author: David Fowler

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