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Relocation, Relocation and other advantages...

Well, we don't do it very often but we did it again a few weeks ago; we relocated a garden studio that we supplied not long before Christmas in Reading, over to Windsor.

To be fair the customer did tell us it was on the cards, so rather than piling as usual we just placed it on some breeze blocks, cut flat into the ground so as not to have to dig up the piles later.

One great advantage we have in making our buildings the way we do is that all of them except the double skinned soundproofed rooms are fully relocatable.

If we were tempted to get away with some cheap plasterboard we couldn't plaster the buildings in our factory and then transport them ready plastered. So we have to accept the higher cost but it does make for a far sturdier building, since ply is so much stronger than plasterboard or even O.S.B. (oriented strand board). We did try O.S.B. but it shows a slightly textured pattern when plastered, so we stick to the good stuff and it certainly makes our buildings extremely strong and long lasting.

The first garden room we built over 12 years ago is still in daily use and is not even a fifth of the way through its life.

So here are a couple of photos of the same building, once near Reading now in Windsor. The different surroundings and angles the photos were taken from make it look a different building but I assure you it is the same one.

Another great advantage of making garden rooms relocatable is that if you come to sell your house, the new buyer may try to suggest they don't really need it (and certainly don't want to pay much for it). This is when you can say "Ok, we will take it with us then" and of course if you want to, we will relocate it for you, but once they are aware that they could lose it, they renegotiate because the results speak for themselves. Out of 400 buildings, five relocations is a small number, the rest went with the house when they sold.

So it pays to have a building that is truly relocatable, even if it stays put, because it needn't, that is the reason!

Author: David Fowler

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