Horizontal Cedar Alignment

How long do we need on site - and can we match colour and shade

Unlike many of our competitors we are truly bespoke, we do not make a stock of panels, then put them together at random to make a building, we build each building to completion in our factory. This has many advantages, first of all it means when we arrive we know the building has been fitted together perfectly before, it means it goes together more quickly and of course there is no trimming required. We're still fitting all small and medium sized buildings in a single day, we are the record holders in the industry for speed with pre-plastered and painted panels, no-one does it more efficiently or quickly.

Another nice touch, is that because the building is made of panels dedicated to that garden room and that room only, all the rows of cedar line up in colour and shade. We align the rows to match across the whole building, especially when we have a secret door to the storage area, for that more bespoke dedicated look.


Author: David Fowler - owner Extra Rooms

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