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Garden Room Plumbing

Most garden room manufacturers and installers make the majority of their garden buildings off-site and assemble and complete on-site. Staff utilised to do these installations usually come from outside the delivery areas and therefore struggle to provide staff to plumb these buildings economically.

Of course, it can all be done, but normally at a greater cost than a local tradesman or contractor, due to accommodation expenses and increased working away rates. Similarly, it is for this reason why we at Extra Rooms normally suggest that groundwork, laying of services and drains are performed by local tradesmen. However, here is some advice you should always keep in mind when planning your garden room plumbing:

  • When people find the drains for their garden rooms are at the wrong level to be discharged (against gravity) it will not be possible to have a toilet and sink as they wished. However, it is virtually always is possible and a good plumber should be able to take care of it all for an affordable price.

  • Most garden rooms generally do not need planning permission as long as they fall within the parameters of the permitted development rights. This is on the basis that they are not being used overnight for domestic habitation. However, local councils are often wary that requiring a toilet generally means that the garden building may function for overnight use. It is therefore very important that you make it abundantly clear that this is not the case as some council may insist on planning permission and full building regulations compliance.

  • It is often an advantage to use the "Saniflo" system for connecting drains from studios to the mains drainage. Some benefits of the Saniflo System:
    • Uses a smaller pipe which does not have to be laid to a fall (as normal)
    • Can be used as a life saver when the drains are falling in the wrong direction
    • Uses a macerator and pump that is situated behind the toilet which pumps waste to  wherever it is required (even uphill etc.)
    • For more information of Saniflo systems check out their website or ask your local plumber.

As I said previously, quality garden room suppliers should be capable of preparing your garden building for plumbing as well doing the garden room plumbing itself – we are anyway! However, if you are looking to save a little bit of money, it is my advice that you employ a plumber that will not charge additional fees and works close to the building site.

Author: David Fowler

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