Garden Office Planning Permission

We installed the garden office building above in December and the client was very happy. But then, just a week later, they got a notification from their local council saying they needed planning permission. As all our buildings are made to comply with permitted development rights, we advised the client that there should really be no need to pay over £450 for planning permission, and advised the client how to appeal.... We always go out of our way to finish the job!

This was their reply once things had been quickly sorted:

"Thank you so, so much for your help. I am delighted to tell you that with your support, the Council have removed us from their unauthorised building register. (Not that we should have ever been on the list!).

I can’t recommend your company enough. Last week we got power to the garden office, data is coming soon, and over the weekend I did some landscaping around if and sorted out furniture.

In short, loving it!"

PS. We are loving the beautifully lit photo of the lovely dark grey windows and doors.

Author: David Fowler - owner Extra Rooms

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