Artist's studio in a London garden - Hackney

Example of an artist`s studio fully installed in less than a day.

Hackney garden studio

This case study is particularly distinctive because this studio was completely installed into the client’s garden in a single day. With the help of two teams we were able to execute the foundations and reconstruction faster than if we installed it using a crane.

In fact, we would have never been able to use a crane because of overhanging trees, a factor that also needed to be considered when designing the studio’s lighting. Recognising this, we installed an additional skylight to counteract the shadow created by the low hanging trees.

This artist’s studio is 8ft by 12 ft. and the price included sliding folding doors, foundation and full installation.

The gallery below shows the step-by-step process we took in constructing this studio. We tend to do this with all of our garden rooms as it enables our clients to see what we are doing with their build as they have stipulated. Additionally, it allows clients who cannot afford the time to come and visit our workshop to see its progression on a frequent basis.

Client testimonial

"I absolutely love my new studio room. We all do . Al was very impressed and, yes the kids have explored it and I think they would rather like it to be theirs! It is a wonderful, very attractive addition to the garden and really does give us a proper extra room, warm, dry and beautifully made.

I can see the quality craftsmanship that has gone into it, especially in the doors, and am very glad that I chose to go with you rather than the companies who offer a choice of prefab units. I am very pleased indeed. Thank you for all the hard work and thought that went into making and constructing it, it is appreciated. You must have all been absolutely exhausted after that"

Nicola H. Hackney