How strong are our buildings

A case study exemplifying how sturdy all of our garden buildings are

Garden building strength

We take pride in how well-built and robust all of our garden buildings are. However, sometimes actions speak louder than words so we thought we illustrate just how strong our buildings are with a little demonstration.

We chose this building because garden rooms with large openings are notoriously weaker than those with small openings. Additionally, because of the 3ft overhang on the roof, we thought it would be good to show how all parts of the building are particularly stable.

We conducted this experiment when the room was half-way through installation. We all climbed up (some more elegantly than others) and stood near the edge of the overhang. Our combined weight was over half a ton and the building didn’t even creak! And, if we had had more staff on site we would have been confident for them to come up and join us too!

We are certain that if this was attempted with many of our competitor’s buildings they would have collapsed and we would have had a lot of angry wives visiting A+E.