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Spring into your garden with a Garden Room!

As spring arrives our thoughts turn to the garden and the ways we can use the space as the weather improves. At Extra Rooms, we specialise in helping you get the most out of your garden space. We create beautiful, affordable and practical Garden Rooms, Garden Offices, Artists Studios, Summer Pods and Sound Proof Garden Rooms for budding musicans or Djs!

The beauty of these spaces is that actually you'll continue to use them in the winter too - opening up your garden as an "all year round" space. We've been helping people create fantastic garden buildings for years. Hand crafted - customised spaces tailored to you exact needs. We manufacture and assemble (just to check everything is Pukka) in our workshop, then deliver and reassemble in your garden, usually in one day.

sound-proofed garden music room

Check out the multiple examples on the website and contact us for a quote!

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms