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When is a garage not a garage?


It was a couple of years or so ago when we did this garden building, but the customer only sent these photos having finally got round to painting some of the cladding black. In fact I think it has all been painted now and looks fantastic.

Theirs was a large building, split into a garage and a large garden office.

We did not put in a floor for the garage as it had one underneath the old ugly concrete garage that sat there before, so we had some fun working out how to deal with the two different floor heights. 

In the end we brought the floor through from the studio section, a metre into the garage, where they could then mount their shelving units. It both simplified it for us and made life easier for them too as the old conrete garage base was wonky but good enough to park a car on. The racking could then sit on a level base protruding through from the room next door.

The whole point of the building was to create a large enough space, so that a growing family with teenage boys could benefit from the extra room and save them from moving house, as they have a cottage which was sometimes a bit cramped for them all.

So everything has worked out really well.

Here's what our customer Nick had to say:

"We couldn't be happier with our choice of Extra Rooms. Not only did they tailor a building to our needs and specifications but they were easy and great to work with. They also understood and respected our budget and worked brilliantly within it. The team who then came to assemble the building were highly professional and courteous. They basically became part of the family for the two days they were here and couldn't have been nicer to have around. The finish on the building, which is a garage and sizeable outside room, is excellent both inside and out. We highly recommended the design and build that you get with Extra Rooms". 


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