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About 12 years ago, we built our first 60db spec soundproofed room and although it was then a huge undertaking and we made a large loss. It was not supposed to be a money earner, it was supposed to be a subsidised experiment, as part of the learning curve just to see just how well we could do.

After much research we built it, and not only achieved our db drop goal of the time but exceeded it by a handsome margin.The customer was overjoyed and it went on to give good service for the next 12 years.

I should say that it survived him trying to burn it down as once he had a candlelit session and a candle set fire to some plastic acoustic foam he'd had fitted. It even spread to more of the same but luckily went out once it ran out of combustible materials inside. 

So when he asked us last year if we could relocate it to a location when he moved house, we visited and wondered if it was possible. We couldn't subsidise it as we had originally, and even at cost, relocating it 12 yrs later cost more than building it in the first place. (The initial bill did not reflect the true cost at all, we just took that on the chin at the time to see how far we could go!)

We never thought we could actually relocate it but we did. Relocating a 60db spec soundproofed room, the "room within a room" type is not an easy matter. Each one of our soundproofed studios, even small ones, has literally tons of sound blocking boards within it. Sandwich after sandwich per room and of course with one room sleeved within another this is a heap of work all doubled up.

It is not just the walls ceiling and floor, it is all the doors and windows too, plus he had a separate singing booth inside.

So we did it all again but this time we had a further 12 years of experience behind us and applied what we had learned, not just in soundproofing but aesthetics too. Gone were all the doubled up timber windows and doors, they were all replaced with Upvc versions, and this time there was no need for soundproofed shutters blanking them off as before, we have overcome this in the intervening years, so he no longer needed to close himself off and switch the lights on whenever he used it to make some big sounds.

This time it was a light and airy music room with a garden view at all times.

So here are a couple of photos showing it as we left it on site all those years ago, with the addition of some red paint (which we thought ruined it a bit) then how it is now in full glory.

An extra side of cedar has been added and it has been updated and improved all round, ready to continue to give decades more good service.

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