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Unexpected outcomes - even after all these years!


So, a couple of months ago I went on a few customer visits and met with three potential garden room clients. 

It felt at the time that of the three, one baulked a little at the price, one was really impressed with our new Slim Gym product, with me asking: "By the way are you into health and exercising" on the way out, so it looked like we would at least supply a gym if not a garden room building as well. The last client seemed really keen for us to build a larger building, split into two, one half soundproofed for drums and the other as a pilates room

So of the three, it looked like 2 sales were imminent and we'd made a very worthwhile trip.

What happened next?

Well, with the large building, we sent all the spec sheets and requests for further information and duly recieved an email back, ignoring all the requests for info and instead many questions. Fair enough, no objection to that, but with no answers, just statements like "You will do drawings showing designs and you will also do...." it was very difficult to move forwards quickly and easily, so we put that onto the backburner for a while, until we had managed to get all the other emails done, quotes confirmed etc...!

Now my father was an architect (this may sound an advantage and indeed in many ways it was, as this gave me a very good grounding in the building industry), however, it gave everyone the impression that I never 'needed' to learn any drawing skills. Consequently even though I can indeed draw, it takes me an absolute age to do them to an acceptable standard (since the bar was set rather high by my father and I don't want to do a bad job). Meanwhile the phone kept ringing with new business enquiries, more of the usual follow-up queries came in and to cut a long story short, those drawings never got done and by the time I found a suitable window of time, it was too late to follow up.

So what was the final outcome of that trip? 

We received a polite email from the people who were really impressed with the slim gym, the 'dead cert' couple, that they had decided to go elsewhere, fair enough, it surprised me though... 

Instead we got a deposit cheque from the first customer who we did not expect was interested at all!

It just goes to show :)

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms