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Well, ExtraRoomers - we are building on 2016 - which was a record breaking year that culminated in the largest single garden room to date. Read on to learn more...

We pride ourselves in being the quickest installers of garden rooms in the UK, because we make them twice!

Let me explain - we make them once in our factory, then we take them apart and simply reassemble on site, so it's so much quicker than constructing them on site for the first time.

BUT this was not a normal garden room, it was a sound-proofed music studio, with a 40db suppression spec, and that is a very different kettle of fish! 

The layers of soundproofing materials must be heavy, the reason being that in order to suppress sounds effectively, you must have resilience, and mass.

The resilience comes from the special way we layer materials together to give them some space to move, and the mass, in this instance and with a building this size, comes from many, many tons of soundblocking boards.

Many competitors use factory made, pre-bought SIPS panels, but they are all made to a standard non sound-proofing spec. They have either polyurethane or polystyrene within sandwich of two layers, one each side, of oriented strand board. This has little mass and is not at all soundproof...

whereas our panels are bespoke, especially for soundproofed garden rooms, and the internal sandwich has a very dense soundblocking board, which can move when hit by sound, thereby getting a major head start on suppression before the sound even goes though the first layer of wall.

This board is cushioned either side to allow the boards within to move, and this de-powers the sound, especially the deep bass, even before it meets the internal wall surface layers.

This makes the panels far heavier than normal, which is good for soundproofing but makes them difficult to work with, so we reduce the size but add many more layers we get the db suppression to 40db.

For a 50db spec we add even more layers, some fixed, some movable by the sound as before, but that's another story!

Actually this customer thought he needed a 50 db room since loud drums were being used, this would normally be the case, but his neighbours were not immediately next to him, the glazed face of his building was towards his house, so we suggested we did a 40 db spec with construction that woudl make it easily into 50db retrospectively, if it was ever needed.

Once completed, the customer thrashed the drums and the noise levels were well low enough for his needs, so it was just as well we did it to 40db - the price difference was substantial, so he was doubly happy.

We are here to help with just that sort of issue - we make it our business to help you get the correct specification - after all we have years of experience and hundreds of happy customers.

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Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms