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The Artistry of Cladding - a tale of patience and passion

So we had a call from a lady in the Isle of Wight wanting a garden studio to use for her business dealing in stamps, collectables and artistic items.

We quoted and added a bit to help cover the costs of the extra travelling time and it was all duly accepted. Incidentally the customer mentioned later that in fact no other company she had contacted was willing to even consider installing in the Isle of Wight!

It is hardly an 'ocean crossing' but 'the competition' did not like it so we did it, no problem!

Anyway, the customer has an eye for patterns and also hates waste and likes to try to look after the environment, so with that in mind we got to tallking on the phone one day about the different tones of cedar.

I remembered as a child being told by my architect father that in some countries people were willing to pay more for reject bricks than ordinary ones of a consistent tone and colour. Reject bricks, if laid reasonably randomly in a wall, offer a mottled pattern which is far more interesting to the eye.

I suggested, if that was the case then would she like us to clad her garden room in cedar off-cut?

It was going to be a lot more time consuming so there would not be a cost advantage for her, indeed it was a bit of an unknown as we had never done that before, and in fact it really did take a lot longer as we ended up having to finger-joint each peace and glue them together in rows of three, it took ages, but I think she was right.


We think the resulting garden office looks excellent >

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Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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