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"Take me to the Church..."

Well here we have another different one, Gothic arched windows and doors.

It took a bit of organising, but it all got done, right down to the bifurcated window inserts. Apologies for the absence of a clutter free photo when complete, but we once again finished and tidied in the dark and the customer is going to send some better photos in due course.


We had hoped to deliver before Christmas and it would have been had it not been for the frames, but once the various profiles had been templated and curved, then sent to the manufacturer and thence to the painters, it took a lot longer, more than a couple of months in fact. At least we knew that in advance but still it took longer than expected.

In case you were wondering, "Chartwell Green" is the colour they were spray painted, to give a building of two tones of green which is what was required, so as always, that is what we gave the customer.

It has a secret storage area at the front on wall the left, rather well disquised, almost impossible to see, for push bikes and mowers, but only half the depth of the building, then there is a second dividing wall parallel to the front and back walls, enabling the back section to have its own separate storage area of shelving for artwork bits and pieces.


The trouble with doors to separate rooms, however small the rooms are, or especially if the rooms are small, is that the doors take up so much room if they are hinged, and even a sliding door moves along a wall and thereby uses up very useful space that could be used for shelving etc.

So we made it a pocket door, this means that the door slides within two slim walls rather than alongside a single wall. This means all the space against both room facing surfaces of the walls is free, on both sides, so in fact there is more usable space. Nothing gets in the way on either side of the wall since the door slides out of the way between them.

Max useable space for this bespoke multipurpose garden room, you dont get that as standard anywhere else! Trust me :)



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