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Putting our money where our mouth is! (Quietly)

It has been over ten years now since we first made a soundproofed garden studio and during this time we have learned a heck of a lot.

The main problem with soundproofing, is that you cannot cheat, the laws of physics will make a mockery of any attempt to cheat, so not complying fully with the laws of physics, will end in a total waste of money.

The laws of physics care not one jot about the laws of economics for anyone wishing to purchase a soundproofed room, so they are expensive, since complying means tons, literally tons, of soundblocking boards to achieve the mass to 'de-power' the sound energy, and many layers of various materials of mixed densities and resilience, as resilience is also required to de-couple resonance.

So after many years and experiments and techniques, we offer 4 specs for 4 different levels of decibel drop.

One thing about the laws of physics is that once you get the results you want, then if you repeat them exactly again, then you get the same results time after time, so at least they can be relied upon.

But each time we want to do better than the last, hence adding different layers and thicknesses to different parts of the building and experimenting over the years with additonal tweaks here and there, to see if the extra expense was justified.

I should hasten to add that all the experimentation was always at our expense and was, in addition to what we agreed to provide, so the client gets additonal suppression at no additional cost, whilst we measure the results and bring them to subsequent buildings if they prove beneficial.

So now we have the 30db drop as the lowest level for the basic single skinned design, 40 db for the enhanced single skin and 45db approaching 50db decibel drop for the double enhanced single skin.

This double enhanced single skinned version is now very close to the full double skinned room-within-a-room with the guaranteed 60db drop, as there is a lot of isolation of the members within the construction itself.

A few more studios need to be gone back to, and measured, before I dare guarantee that all the double enhanced single skinned ones can meet a claim of a guaranteed minimum of a 50 db reduction, though many less honest, would be doing so already. But we put our money where our mouth is, we guarantee to reach the decibel drop we promise, as read by a decibel meter, so we must make sure we attain it.


Maybe I am being too coy, what do you think? See the video and judge for yourself.




Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms