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Made to comply with the regs. (Literally!)

Even though many people choose to have a garden room rather than a house extension because normally no planning permission is required, it often puts people off once they find that if they want to use it for overnight accommodation, then building regs come into force.

However, whilst normally we only have to make the glazing and wiring up to house building standards and regs by law in normal garden rooms, our standard construction methods almost reach the full building regs as they are.

In this case here the client wanted the building to be used officially for occasional overnight occupancy so we had an inspector come and visit our factory to see how our buildings are constructed.

When he examined some examples we have and the works in progress he said most of our buildings would comply "as is" but fire regs may require some extra fireproofing of some of the cladding that faced adjoining neighbours, dependant upon the distance of the buildings from the boundary and also what the boundary was made of.

If required the additional fireproofing would normally consist of a bromide solution to fireproof the cladding where required but this is decided on a case-by-case basis following a site visit, to ascertain distances from adjoining houses to common boundaries.

We had taken it as read that a proper mains operated smoke detector would be required but that was all as far as the occupants of the building were concerned, other considerations relevant to fire were to do with fire spread elsewhere rather than within the studio itself.

All our buildings, whatever the category are all plastered out properly so this helped a lot.

We do offer an upgrade to reach the house regs of 0.39W/degK so this was fitted and that was it.

Now if ever the client decides to sell up he or she has a garden studio building at the bottom of the garden that could be used as a 'granny flat' which is an added bonus and places extra value on the garden building and in fact the house too.

(Sheep not included!)



Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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