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Today we received a truly joyous testimonial. It is so pleasing to hear from another customer who is so happy to have the finished building in their garden ready to use, exactly as they specified it.

So, without further delay, here are the words of a very happy customer in Hampshire…


“I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get in touch, but I wanted to sort out the photos of the installation of my garden office. There are a lot of photos!"

"Please pass on again my sincere thanks again to the chaps who did the installation here. They were delightful. And my thanks to you, and the rest of your team, for interpreting my wishes so perfectly and delivering, truly, the garden room of my dreams. Although I could always picture in my mind what I wanted and where, I feared the limitations of the space would mean it would remain just a dream. But from the outset you gave me confidence that "anything is possible!", and proved this by giving me a garden room of the very highest quality that takes advantage of every inch of space, and that sits in the landscape as comfortably as if it had always been there, and the landscape had been designed around it. Again, from my heart,Thank You."

"You'll see from the photos that I haven't yet added the internal mirror doors, but I was lucky to find some gloss white laminated board for the desk, and have added some rugs to the floor for the winter and a whimsical little beach huts blind to the window."

"I spent a very happy Christmas getting it all ship shape, and am out there most days. I've even managed to sit with the double doors wide open on a couple of sunny afternoons, to get a taste of the delights of summer out there. Neighbours and passers-by have all admired it greatly, and I like to think you may receive an order or two from some of them in the future. As for me, I love it. It is exactly what I hoped it would be and it is a joy to be in there and have the room to work and draw (and dream a little).”


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Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms