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"I need it bigger if I can get it" she said

This metre of space that must be left as soon as any garden room has an internal floor area exceeding 15 sq metres, can be a bit of a pain at times.

In this instance, it was not just a nuisance, it dictated an extreme shape build, leaving something which was not really so useful and 'hubbykins' would have to do wthout his workshop, and as an avid "man with shed workshop" myself, that would never do, so it was time to think "out of the box" as they say.

The plot was long and thin, and the right hand side as you looked down the garden, came in to a norrowing point at the bottom boundary, about 3.6m wide overall, but 2 metres out of that left only 1.6m..

So I was asked to quote for a building as big as possible, that left the compulsory one metre around the building intact to comply with the permitted development rights. 

The trouble with that was, the far end of the garden room could only be 1.6m wide, if it was to leave a metre of space betwen the side boundaries and the back boundary, and the building itself, under the 15 sq m rule then a workshop 1.6m, is only 1.4m once the wall thickness is taken out, terribly small and cramped 

So what did we do? The lady wanted it bigger and I have never let one down yet on that score!
(Look, this is a blog, there is room for some artistic licence)

So the rules refer to any garden building, yes ok, so why not build two? Then we can build close to the boundary, using a lot of that wasted space, comply with all the rules for each building, just not have one that exceeds the rules!

So that is what we have done; the good lady gets her building just within the "max size on boundary rules", and her husband gets his small workshop at the back, but now at a useful size, accessed through the larger building.

Compliant, and everyone is happy!


Here are a few photos to help you understand:







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