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So, we just built a garden studio for a customer in Hemel Hempstead, which is good for us, since just north of London is a change from our normal 'hunting ground' which is so often south of the M25.

We received photos of the site and all the questions were responded to fully from our spec sheet so it was 'good to go'.

Progress photos were taken as the project went along and on completion, and so yesterday it was loaded up ready for transport, Google Earth was studied and the journey route was planned.

Just one slight amendment, it had been mentioned briefly before ever it became an order, so at that stage it was theoretical, and that was that the garden room was not for the customer herself but for her elderly father and her sister would take care of the final payments on site.

No problem about that. We loaded it up ready on Monday for Tuesday installation. It was expected to be a one day job as it was not a big building, so comfortable in one day, just a quick run up to Hemel.

That was on Monday.

Now it's Tuesday and they are just finishing as I type this, ready for the trek home. (see below) 

"Trek?" you say, but it is only in Hemel Hempstead.

'Fraid not, it will take them a bit longer to get back too, so where has it ended up?


Hey ho, that is where the father and sister live so that is where they are, at least they found out before rolling up in Hemel!

Cornwall Building


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