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The plot thickens... how to design for space


Well Extra Room Bloggers - good old Dave talked himself out of a quick sale this week, but it was the right thing to do.

A customer wanted a building fast and was therefore going to have our 14ft by 8 ft stock building with secret storage area, until I received some site photos and realised we could do a lot better.

The building was going to go right at the back of his garden, and it's a really good idea to have a few moments to walk away from your back door of a morning and leave home behind. As you start to walk towards your garden studio or garden office, you can start thinking about the day ahead, then you can arrive mentally prepared, let yourself in and start working out what you must achieve, which tasks are the highest priority etc... All well and good, until the mobile rings of course! 

So, anyway having a garden office as far away from the house is a good idea, so what was wrong with this customer having the building which met his needs perfectly? It was the wrong shape, that is why!

This gentleman's garden boundary comes to a point and therefore a rectangular building, whilst it was going to go as far back as it could was about 3 metres from the crux of the corner, and the sides were going to be close to the side fence at the rear, with the front corners of the building over a metre away from the fences each side.

Well now he is going to have a building that follows the rear boundary accurately, about a foot inside it and parallel to each change of direction. (Including the right hand fence has a bit of a dog-leg in it).

So what's the big deal? Well now he can have the front wall wider for one thing, as he is getting a bespoke building so we can make it any size he likes and being irregular, the front wall will be much wider than the back wall and a lot wider than it was going to be before, giving a lot more space along the front wall than ever before, and believe me, this is the wall to have the space on because of the way we all like to use our garden rooms.

Now, rather than just some french doors and panel windows either side, he can also have a double window to one side and look down the garden as he works, as most people prefer to do, but still have a panoramic view from anywhere in his studio.

His plot lends itself even more to this as his garden slopes upwards away from the house, so from his studio he will be looking down all the way, about 70 metres in his case, down to his house below, so he will be the 'king surveying his castle' and beyond.

All this will be achieved whilst the line of the front wall will now be where his back wall was formerly going to be, so his studio wil entirely occupy the area of his garden that was all going to be wasted behind his building.

So that is a double whammy, he gets a more useful design than just a rectangle, he now gets a beautiful large picture-wall, never mind picture window, one he can sit at a desk at with a window above desk height, and it is all in otherwise totally unused space and he gets to keep virtually all his garden.

This is the photo he sent showing where the stock building was intended to go initially, and what triggered me into realising we coud do far better for him.

Extra -Rooms -Space

This is what is meant by designing a building according to the plot it sits in, and what we at Extra Rooms are about, not just supplying attractive buildings that are fit for purpose, insulated for all year use, but building that fit their environment and yours. We achieve this with planning and good design.

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms