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The garden office future's so bright, we gotta use shades...

Especially at this time of the year and for many studios that face the south or sun, we are asked about

providing blinds and tinting the glass.

We used to offer solar glass but found that this had some major drawbacks, not least the cost, amongst some other practical difficulties.

Solar glass has a solar reflective tint built into the inner surface of one of the layers of a double glazed unit and it works well. But no matter how large or small the order, there is a one-off delivery charge from the glass manufacturers, of £350 and this is in addition to quite a heavy premium on the glass itself. Plus if a couple of french doors are included in the order, they must be toughened first, so it can all get really costly.

Even if we accepted all that, if one of the units were to be damaged either soon or in years to come (even just a small unit for a top opener costing normally £30 for example) it would be the normal £30 plus £350, so obviously, the manufacturers don't want to handle small runs, they want large orders for office blocks etc, not one-off garden studios etc...

BUT don't panic ExtraRoomers! - As it happens, there is a tinting film available in a bronze tint, it goes really well with the rich tones of the cedar we have on most of our garden offices and garden studios, so this is what we use.

This has great advantages. First of all, we can do it ourselves, so everything is "in house', no third pary involvement, and we keep it in stock now so can do it the same day. Also it goes onto our normal double glazed units and even as a worst case scenario, we may sometimes have to do one twice if there is any damage, but we can live with that.

With the charcoal grey frames, which we are supplying more and more, it complements everything nicely, appearing bronze from some angles and a similar dark grey to the frames from others, don't you agree? (see our lovely pic below!)

Oh, and the cost?

About £30 per double glazed unit or on average £150 per building.


 Tinted Windows Garden Office

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms