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Special offer garden rooms and buildings made differently

Well this is normally the slackest time of year, post Christmas pre-spring, so normally we have an opportunity to make some buildings for stock and display.

Fortunately, we sold all but 2 of them last year and one still here was our first garden pod, barrell building or 'hobbit home' as some call them. It is quite a large one so we are content with it staying here for a while, since otherwise we have no examples to show prospective customers and this only leaves one building once the last years NEC one finally gets delivered.

So far this year we have had only orders to fulfill, no chance to build any stock buildings, and just as we have learned to build them too!

"Did you not know before?" I hear you ask, well yes, we knew how to actually build a building, after 11 years that particular penny has dropped, but building them just as per normal was a mistake...

Reason being, if we built one with a gable window to the left, and then as luck would have it, the customer wanted one with the window in the gable to the right, we'd be snookered. With the front wall being the tallest and the back one the shortest, with the side walls falling to join them both, it meant we ended up either having to build a mirror image version with the side walls reversed, or rebuild the side walls and have 2 walls left over, only to do that and having used them to form part of another building as before, to go through it all again with another order. Doh!

So now, if it is for stock/display we build them with all the walls the same height, and build the roof with the fall within the roof itself. this means the roof is thicker at the front and thinner at the back, a backwards wedge, and we disguise this by adding a deeper row of fascias so it does not show, nobody knows.

An example is the black framed garden room second down on our special offers page, and here is one we have actually got in stock, the only one apart form the barrel building.

Special Offer Garden Room

Special Offer Garden Room 1

Special Offer Garden Room 2

So far everybody has taken them just "as is", now aint that typical?!

We'll we keep on trying!

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms