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Longest time from deposit to construction - nearly-2 years!


Nearly two years ago, we displayed a garden room at the National Home Building and Renovation show. March 2012, I think it was. We took that building down and we still have it as an example at the top of our special offers page. We supposedly sold it straight away to a very charismatic photographer, but the deposit was not forthcoming as intended, so eventually we placed it on the special offers page where it remains at the moment.

Eventually, after about six months I received an apologetic email from said photographer, explaining that the intended house sale for which it was going to be purchased originally, had fallen through, and the secret storage area was not required.

Rather than butcher a perfectly good building we built him another and that was that, he has what he wanted and is a happy bunny. 

Then a lovely lady from near Southampton took a shine to it, and paid a £500 deposit in August of the same year (2012) but told us she needed some land clearance first and would be back in touch as soon as the ground had been cleared and a tree felled.

Months went past and other people noted an interest. After trying to contact her and failing, eventually, thinking, "we can always build her another one", it was sold and duly installed near Brighton.

It had acted as a display building but there was no point in it just standing there forever with people wanting it, so we built another like it, but with Upvc doors and windows as we had changed over to them in the intervening year.


I finally managed to contact the lady, Sonia, and it transpired she wanted us to put in a doorway into the storage area inside and remove the secret door outside, plus solicitors were slowing down the boundary definitions on her deeds as she had sold some of her garden, so another delay would ensue. Another nice building to be altered, so we sold that one too!

Then eventually, nearly 2 years after the deposit, I dropped by and met her and what lovely lady she was, and so much garden space!

So finally, a slightly bigger one was commissioned, max size on boundary, 15 sq metres internally, we do max these ones out, to comply (to the letter) with permitted development rights stipulations, they are exactly 15 sq metres between the skirtings, as the stipulations are "15 sq metres internally" in order to be able to be very close or even on the boundary. In effect she had gone from the second item on our special offers page to the top one, but finished to her preferences with a tweak or two. A bespoke artist's studio, finished not in cedar at the front as before but feather edged boards all round, stained in Cuprinol Garden Shades "muted clay" colour.

It was a boggy wet time to install, mud everwhere, but soon grass seeds will be placed and it will be part of a lovely garden, however, we remain the company that installs the fastest, due to our comprehensive pre-manufacturing techniques, including a foundation. It was only a 2 day installation, even at that size and distance, so we coped and were gone again on the second day, leaving a nice building ready to use.


(If we had built entirely on site, as some competitors without factory workshops do, we would still be there and be wading in mud!).


So it has taken a while, but no matter, she has is exactly what she wanted, minimum disruption too, the exact building to suits her needs, ready to use as we left site.

That is what we do.



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