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There’s not a garden in Britain we can’t work with...


After our recent blog on the triangular building we installed in Berkshire it got me thinking over the oddly shaped garden rooms and garden offices and studios we have done...

This particular customer got in touch regarding a building that they wanted to adjoin their house and garage. Here is a photograph of the area:



Having seen this picture I became excited with the prospect of creating a design that would utilise the bare, then unused, space to good effect.

The idea was to create a building that would fit seamlessly, be aesthetically pleasing and off course, practical for the customer.

I was very proud by what we created and the customers were absolutely thrilled. The building fitted in perfectly and provided a unique space for work or relaxation:



As you can see from this picture, the roof of the old garage and our building equalled in height and looked like one:



So... if you're thinking of having a building but aren’t too sure about whether your space is suitable or big enough - have no fear - we haven’t turned a job down yet and I guarantee we won’t start now!

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms