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Somewhere to work, relax AND hide your Xmas presents...


We simply can NOT resist a blog on this particular building! Recently completed in London the basic principle of the design and cosmetic aspects are proving popular indeed. In fact, next week we are installing another very similar one.


Its not hard to see why people love this type of garden building so much as the secret storage space for bicycles, lawn mowers and maybe one or two hidden Xmas presents is so useful!

We have designed it to be modular so that the secret storage can be placed on either side of the building - total flexibility.

At the moment we are trying to endeavor, when possible, to have one available in stock at all times as this design and size seems to tick many boxes and it has become our most popular model, so therefore we try and keep one in stock.

This is not a hotch botch of disparate or varied buildings at the bottom of your garden but it’s one neat, stylish and practical building to suit any need.

The dimensions of the building are 14ft by 8ft in old money, and therefore guarantees you a good sized room, easily utilised as an office, studio and storage space.


Here is an example of the latest one we have installed:



The decking to go in front of the building will be installed shortly to finish it properly and professionally. This building will very shortly be on the special offers page so keep an eye out...



Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms