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Soundproof Garden Studio - Fit for Purpose - Video


We get many enquiries for our soundproofed studios, but unfortunately a number fall by the wayside based on cost, as often people do not realise just quite how much goes into soundproofing them adequately.

Video proofWell Extra Bloggers - here is the low-down :)

The laws of physics cannot be cheated, in the old days we tried countless times but there is just no way round it, you must have many many layers, judiciuosly placed, to add both density and resilience, and the laws of physics care not a jot about the normal laws of economics we all have to live by!

However, those same intransigent laws of physics, do have a plus... If you do comply with them, and act according to their stipulations, you will get results.

Over many years we have learned new methods and techniques just as with all our garden rooms and studios, we have fine tuned our practices. Having devised shedules and specifications, we can predict the results, as we apply them consistently.

Einstein said, "don't expect different outcomes from repeating the same actions"

Conversely, if we stick to the same construction methods, we should get the same results, and indeed we do.

This is why we are able to give an actual guarantee for the various specifications we do, and the most common is the 40db spec of the enhanced single skin.

Our earliest buildings were full double skinned buildings - one room sleeved within another, and they worked but in some ways were simply too good. We found that not only was it extremely expensive but unnecessarily effective. It transpired that people want sound reduction to reasonable levels or levels that matched the ambient sounds.

These double skinned buildings reduced sounds around 60db. This meant that if someone was making a loud sound of 110 db, we got it down to 50db immediatley outside the studio, below the normal sounds present, and since there were no neighbours standing immediatley outside anyway, it really was O.T.T. in most cases.

An 'aggressive' drummer and heavily amplified bass guitarist might need that, if they intend hitting everything as hard as possible on 'whacky backy' in a teraced house garden at 4 in the morning. If that's the spec for them, we can still build it!

It rained when the men finished this studio earlier this week, so the decibel meter recorded the sound of the rain and spoiled the test, so the delighted customer today kindly made a couple of videos of themselves playing a cello and violin as loudly as they could and forwarded them on to us. You can view the results here and we thank them profusely for that.


Sound Proof Studio - The proof, the whole proof...

These musicians now know they can play as loud as they like, whenever they like - their adjoining neighbours reported they could not hear a thing.

This is what we call 'fit for purpose'. Now and evermore, with their soundproofed extra room, they can concentrate on doing what they do best, making music.

Don't get me wrong, it's most likely not the only thing they do together, they do have a new baby!

Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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