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NEC Home Building & Renovation Show - Garden pod WOWS the garden room crowd

After much effort and taking a customer's pod to display at the NEC show, we had hoped to get a good reception but it exceeded our wildest expectations.

Throughout the whole 4 days, except for a couple of half hour periods near the end of the day we were inundated with curious bystanders all looking at this unusually shaped building and LOVING IT!

These buildings are too much of a sweat to make really, they are so fiddly and we have found that the smaller ones are actually the worst, due to the tighter curves we have to bend in all the timbers and ply sheets too, but the broad smiles from everyone as they imagined one in their own garden went a long way to make us feel that we must continue, no matter how difficult.

Barry was with me and he was just explaining to a crowd inside the building how so many people liked them as they had  lot of 'WOW" factor, and just having said those actual words, a lady leaned her head in and went "WOW". Perfect timing.

This last garden pod, the smallest so far, has taught us a lot and forced us to re-think our prices.

With our rectangular buildings, once the buildngs exceed 100 sq ft they are pretty much pro-rata, with a few provisos and some, but not much, economy of scale.

But with the pods the prices have to be factored differently, due to the difficulty of making the smaller ones. There is an upside of course, since obviously the difficulty factor of a larger one reduces very considerably and we have therefore amended our prices to account for this, the hope being that people will be able to order much larger ones than before as the larger it gets the lower the price per sq metre.

The skylight design also went down very well as even when inside the pod, inside the NEC, with the lights inside the pod turned off, people could see they did not need to be switched on inside the pod. The angle of the mirrored sides sends most of the light to the underside of the ceiling or the top of the walls rather than on or near the floor, and it all feels comfortable and natural.

That is the essence of these buildings, they just feel right in every way.

No flat ceilings, no flat square walls, no harsh geometric shapes, just smooth curves and a lovely atmosphere, I have never experienced a garden room, or for that matter, a building that is so relaxing just to be in.

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Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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