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Today's subject: How fast can a garden building be installed and what about roadside delivery buildings?

I have just read a letter from a customer of a competitor that offers a roadside delivery of a garden office where the customer completes the project, and it was a sorry tale and ended up a shambles.

We do not offer this because of the problems, but instead we do everything to make the installation as fast as possible, normally one single day, including supplying a foundation and clearing up after ourselves. This takes some doing but it is worth it for the customer.

It has taken some years to achieve but the fact that we are on site for such a short time, means that the garden does not get 'chewed up' and muddy with workmen walking around for days or sometimes even weeks.

We use human nature to our advantage... The men who made your building from scratch actually install it. So if you are on one of our construction team, then you know about any problems you might have to face on site (and that on site they can become much bigger problems). So you do it right in the first place, to save yourself heartache. That is why our customers are always very impressed with the speed and accuracy of our installations and always tell us so. 

It has all gone together before, this is the secret, we build every building twice.

You could argue that it is inefficient, but in the long run it pays dividends for our customers and our business.

It means when we arrive on site we are re-assemblng not constructing, so the re-assembly is simply a building going back together as it was when built in the factory for the first time. This speeds everything up.

Even for companies who crane them into place, (assuming the crane boom can reach that far) it still takes a day for the foundation and then another day (not necessarily the following day) to crane into position. We have completed and gone home on the first day in 90% of instances. Some larger buildings take longer than 1 day but that's true for larger buildings delivered by crane, so we still win.

Of course with self-build, the initial costs of purchasing just the components for a garden building and having them delivered is less, but only to start with. The end result is a long way off, there is still preparing the ground and the foundation and getting that right before you even think of taking delivery ready to assemble. We do ask for a suitable cleared space to put the building in, but we take care of the rest, the foundation is included with most of our garden rooms.

I built the first 'extra room' in my own garden ten years ago, it is still there in fact, and as a builder I allowed a generous 5 weeks to make and complete it. After setbacks with the weather in the first few weeks, 3 months later it was finally complete.

Just think how many thousands of pounds would I have been able to earn in that time if I had just 'gone to work' as usual instead of trying to "save money" by building my own on site, in bad weather?

So I don't chastise people who set off thinking they are going to "save money" by building one themselves, or getting the components for one delivered and then putting it all together. I understand how easy it is to believe it'll be simple and cheap. Just think twice before jumping in.

We are obviously dearer than DIY versions, but you get it all done by people who do it all the time and have done many, so they work as a well practised team delivery a garden building that's very much higher quality than any summerhouse and that is ready to use all year round for decades.

And of course, since we make them so that we can take them apart to install on site, they are all relocatable when you come to move house, so you can keep your options open.

Written by David Fowler at 10:10
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms