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Garden Office Weekly Update – 6th – 20th May

Once again, apologies are in order for the lack of blog posting over the past couple of weeks – for another month we have been super busy and our humble garden office blog has had to take a back seat! Nevertheless, we’re back now and we’ve made some serious waves since we last spoke…

For the most part we have been working hard the past couple of weeks to build up our collection of stock buildings. Year-on-year we try to increase the amount of stock buildings we keep so we can meet demand quickly when customers come to us wanting an excellent value garden building. As well as this, another great advantage of constructing stock buildings is that we can now present many more special offer garden offices!

So, during our stock building mission this year we have also developed a new way of manufacturing our stock garden buildings and a new colour scheme!

New manufacturing

For single-pitched stock buildings we used to build the front wall tallest and the back wall shortest, allowing for the sloped roof. However, we have now started to build all walls at the same height, creating the fall of the roof within the roof itself. Now, I can appreciate that for anyone outside the Extrarooms workshop this information could be seen as mind-numbingly dull! However, where this gets interesting is how this can benefit the client – the advantage is that if someone wants to buy a stock building but wants to modify it in some way (i.e. have a wall with a window that doesn’t already exist) then they can just swap one wall with another in stock because they are all the same height! More choice for you the customer - great hey!

Colour scheme

We’ve been noticing more and more that lots of people are now opting for powder coated aluminium doors with black frames – and we can see why, it looks very smart! Considering this, we thought about how we could practically incorporate this new trend into our stock building collection and concluded that we would use OSMO (oil with sun-blocker) alongside a black stain ('Black ash" from the Cuprinol garden shades range) to extenuate this new colour scheme whilst adding discolouring protection. On all garden buildings the fascia boards (edges of the roof) suffer the most from bleaching. Therefore we thought that we could start to paint the fascia boards black using a stain and then paint the OSMO on top which not only compliments the powdered doors and black frames nicely but incorporates a sun-blocking element. Have a look and see what you think:

100 1514100 1515


Finally, this week we have been working on a large garden building for a client in Anglesey. Rather than explaining the ins and outs of the build how about you have a look for yourself…

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More to come on the progress of this build next week!


If you would like to discuss garden rooms in more detail or the types of garden rooms we have designed and installed then please send us an email or give us a ring on 01159 899 555 in the day and 01949 813 813 in the evening! Alternatively check out our garden room case studies page.

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