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Garden Office June Update


Hello all Extrarooms readers! Once again we are back with a garden office update and what a few weeks it has been since we last spoke.


In our last post we showed you a sneaky peak of the large garden building that was destined for a lovely corner in a holiday home in Anglesey and we can now report that it is settled in its new home. Unlike most installations this one took a little longer at 2.5 days. The primary reason for this being that the owners had limited knowledge of local builders because it was to be installed in their holiday home garden. Consequently, the Extrarooms team had to travel up a day ahead to level the pitch ground and lay foundations. Nevertheless, the garden building installation went very well and the owners are extremely happy with the finished product. Watch this space for some photos of the finished product!


Also, talking of testimonials... we received this glowing feedback from a very happy client last week! Here’s what he said (and some photos to go along with it):

"Just a short note to say how pleased I am with my garden office.  At last I have been able to complete the finishing touches having managed to find a good electrician.  As the office is now fully wired up I thought you might like to see what it looks like illuminated at night.  If you want to use any of the enclosed photos for promotion/publicity purposes please feel free to do so. I'm also happy to provide a written testimonial if ever one is required for a prospective client in this neck of the woods.

Once again, many thanks for a job well done.

R. Arber"

 IMG 0890

IMG 0893

IMG 0886


The next big project that we have been commissioned for is a large double-pitched soundproofed music room. Whenever a soundproofed room is commissioned at Extratrooms we all get pretty excited – even if that is a bit sad. We haven’t got an official trophy but as soundproofing goes, we are the experts (even if we do say so ourselves). From musicians and composers to sound technicians and sound engineers, we have built great quality soundproofed rooms with a 100% customer satisfaction.

As well as our success rate, we base this self-proclaimed title on the fact that we are the only garden office company who can block out decibel levels up to 60 and we’re so confident of this claim that we are also the only company who have a money back guarantee if we cannot achieve the level of soundproofing assured.

In fact, our commitment to soundproofing has led us to build a testing room at the Extrarooms workshop. Here you can bring in a recording of the music/noise you plan on making in your soundproofed room and test any one of our 3 levels of soundproofing specification to see which you need:

  1. Single skin specification – soundproofed up to 30 decibels
  2. Enhanced single skin specification – soundproofed up to 40 decibels
  3. Double skin specification – soundproofed up to 60 decibels


Anyway, enough of us blowing our own trumpet (not that anyone would hear it if we were blowing it in one of our soundproofed music rooms – eesh!?). Have a look at some pictures of this new soundproofed room in the workshop…

Wp 4e 2a 4732

garden music room sound-proofing

Wp 0c 791f 95

Unfortunately, most of the soundproofing qualities come into play as we are installing a room like this so you will have to look out for the next Extrarooms blog post for how we got on!

If you would like to discuss garden rooms in more detail or the types of garden rooms we have designed and installed then please send us an email or give us a ring on 01159 899 555 in the day and 01949 813 813 in the evening! Alternatively check out our garden room case studies page.

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