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Hello again Extra Room blog fans, we hope you are enjoying the great British Summer, now in full swing. Today we'd like to tell you a little story to illustrate our Extra Versatility!


A few months back we met a potential customer at our stand at the N.E.C We shook on a deal to buy the show building once the exhibition had finished, but then we didn't hear anything for a couple of months.

Then the customer did come back to us but he'd moved to a different address so now the show building didn't quite fit the bill. Naturally he was concerned.


A problem? 

Not for the Extra Rooms team. We would simply build another room to his exact requirements.

Nobody wants a window up against another wall do they? No need to compromise with us, everything goes axactly where you want it. The design, look, size, shape, orientation matters not a jot, we have the skills and technology - we can build whatever you want! Needless to say our customer is not worried anymore.

In fact we've completed hundreds of buildings over the last decade and of course some garden rooms are indeed similar to others, but even now, we still never made two identical ones.

So far all our customers have been 100% unique and so have their Garden Rooms!

Of course it would be easier to build generic buildings to the same specification every time, but that's not what Extra Rooms is all about - and besides it makes for a much more interesting working life...

Take a look at the show building intially ordered, then the one we completed to fit the specific space and needs. That's how it should be, that's why we are in business.



 Gardenroomsoundproofing -2


That's Extra Versatility... 

If you would like to discuss garden rooms in more detail or the types of garden rooms we have designed and installed then please send us an email or give us a ring on 01159 899 555 in the day and 01949 813 813 in the evening! Alternatively check out our garden room case studies page.

Written by David Fowler at 08:09
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms