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A different take on secret storage rooms and a neat twist.

We are often asked to provide a dividing wall and a separate storage facility in our extra garden rooms and offices as it stops the clutter of disparate buildings that can make a back garden untidy.

After all, who wants a nice smart new garden office with a cheap B&Q shed rotting a way and cluttering up the garden?

Having one building do both jobs is the answer. Normally the space is just a metre or so, at the end of the building, but to have a normal door only advertises the fact that there’s a storage area, so we disguise it, making the cladding shades run along in one theme, so it is virtually invisible. It runs the depth of the building and as our buildings are over 7ft tall minimum height inside, there is a lot of useful space to be utilised.

Recently, however, a customer ordered a stock building from our special offers page, but asked for a little twist. They wanted a storage area, but only a small one, to house a telescope. This time the room was altered to provide a simple dog-leg off of the main room, with an extra window to see to the side of the house, fitted in the back wall.

As usual Extra Rooms was there to deliver a simple bespoke solution.

Neat idea, don’t you think?


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Written by David Fowler at 00:00
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David Fowler, Founder of Extra Rooms