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Drama on the Cliff Edge - A Garden Office Update


Hello Extrarooms bloggers! We’re back again with a garden office update!

The big story we’ve got for you today about a recent garden studio installation in Ugborough, Devon! We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a bit of time so please excuse our (potentially unfounded) enthusiasm to report back!

Unlike most projects where the garden is ready for installation, this one was a little bit different as we had to wait for a significant amount of landscaping to be done. The customer however was keen for us to have the garden studio ready for when his landscapers were finished so we started in very good time – maybe too good in the end though. Like many jobs in the building trade, the landscapers were over optimistic and we had to wait quite a bit of time before the work was finished.

Being human beings, when we quote we allow for some delays as we know from experience that unknowns crop up and often things take longer. However we all face a dilemma – we would be delayed for weeks if we considered everything that could feasibly happen e.g. torrential rain for a week or two, materials not arriving as promised, arriving in an unusable state, break downs, accidents etc.

Now if we allowed for this when quoting for jobs we would never work again! Our quotes would be too high and as a result we have to take a best guess, a stab at what we think is reasonable. Hence why we were sympathetic to the landscapers – uncontrollable circumstances prevailed which meant we were ready weeks before with a completed building and nowhere to take it.

However, time passed and eventually the landscaping work was done, we checked the weather for a couple of dry days and set off to deliver and install the building…ON A CLIFF!

OK, a bit of an exaggeration but it was a long way from the top of the roof to the old river bed so we had to make a temporary bridge/platform so we wouldn’t fall into it.

The landscapers were still there so being met with a huge pile of spoil exactly where the building was going was a bit of a heart stopper, but fortunately they still had their digger and cleared it away so we could finally start installing the garden studio.

Nearing completion our foreman had to make a foray for a piece of hardware that was broken. On his return he did the final checks and having been informed that all was finished, everything was tidied up and the team set off home. MISTAKE.

However, because of his last minute expedition off site, he let a few issues slip through the net during his final check off. There was some paint in a couple of places where there should not have been, one joint in the skirting that had been scribed and was splintered and not sanded smooth, and there was some timber left behind in the building. Understandably the customer was not happy and complained.

As a result, the team travelled back down all the way to Devon at their own expense to rectify the problems, costing them fuel and a couple day’s wages.

On the bright side it was a useful exercise as it acted as a curt reminder for everyone to check the standard of finish, now the men self-check in advance of the foreman, as they normally have always done, so any tendencies to get slack have been curtailed immediately. It was a timely reminder that no matter how many jobs are done, it is easy to become complacent. They have learned their lesson so thanks are due to the customer for bringing it to our attention, he did us a big favour.

Maintaining extremely high levels of quality is the most important thing to us and we are continually striving to sustain this. We pride ourselves on our value and expertise and our positive customer feedback functions to support this.

We're very proud of our work and we hope you like it too! Here, have a look at the finished garden studio in question below:

Ugboroughgarenstudio 2



Ugboroughgarenstudio 3

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